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You Need To Know This Before Making Your Photo Collage

When making a photo frame collage, one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to choose a photo frame that looks similar. Indeed, some say that collages will look more beautiful if the photo frames are identical. However, this rule is suitable for nature-themed images, not human photos. Meanwhile, if you want to have more nature photos, you should check out some nature aesthetic pictures to print.

Not only the frame, when you make a photographic collage, the photos you choose try to have similarities too. For example, photos with a monochrome (black-and-white) theme. Even so, you don’t need to be afraid to create contrast. Precisely with that contrast, your photo frame collage can be more interesting. If all photos are monochrome, there’s nothing wrong with choosing photo frames with various textures and sizes.

On the other hand, a wide wall is indeed the best choice, but what if the space is narrow? Relax, photo frame collages can also be designed on a less spacious wall. You can try a large photo frame. So, no need for all photos to be framed. Arrange and hang your favorite photos in one frame.

Now that you’ve decided on a photo frame, it’s time to test your collage design. Try placing the photo frames on the floor, just below the wall you selected earlier. That way, your experiment won’t cross the width of the wall. Then arrange the photo frame collage as you would mount it on the wall. Don’t be afraid to tinker with the position of the photo frame until you find the right composition.

Mounting the photo frame to the wall exactly as perfectly as you set it on the floor is the most difficult process. Now to make it easier, you can use paper, newspapers, cardboard, or other similar materials. Cut the paper to the size of the photo frame, including the hole where the photo frame will hang.

After that, arrange the papers according to the photo frame collage design that you made. If everything is installed, you will be able to see for yourself which parts are bent or not according to the design. Match each piece until it exactly matches the arrangement of the photo frames on the floor earlier.

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