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You Can Try These 5 Tips For Choosing A Domain

Don’t rush to buy a domain! Why? It’s because the domain determines the future of the website. Not only that, but the domain also affects the impression of netizens when they surf the internet and find your site. It’s best to do a little research. Aside from that, if you run a website in New Zealand, you can check out the best domain registrars NZ.

So, to help you, we have prepared 5 tips for choosing a domain:

1. Research is very important. Creating and choosing a domain doesn’t just rely on the name that comes to mind. You must include the niche or topic of the website as well as the wants and needs of the user. Also, find out which keywords and search terms are trending and popular today. Who knows these keywords can give you an idea and you finally find the right domain name that can represent your website.

2. Make the domain name as attractive and short as possible. Which is easier to remember than someone’s name? Full name or nickname, or maybe a nickname? Of course, the answer is the shortest name. The same is the case with domain names. If the domain name is long and convoluted, not a single visitor will be able to remember it quickly and precisely. Therefore, keep your domain name short, catchy, and attractive.

3. Select and buy a .com domain. Most websites and blogs use a .com domain extension. This shows how popular this TLD is. Its reach is also wider and can be global.

4. Make sure not to hit the trademark. Domains represent a business, and of course have trademarks and patents. You have to be careful not to get into trouble later on. So, when choosing a domain name, the tip is to look for options that don’t intersect with popular brands and already have a strong position in the market.

5. Do not use numbers and hyphens. The use of numbers and hyphens does make domains look more varied. Unfortunately, using these two types of characters sometimes creates problems. For example, you use the 0 (zero) character in the domain. Because the shape is similar to the letter O, visitors can make typos.

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