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You Can Do These Tips When You Want To Hunt Some Squirrels

So if you like hunting, it’s not wrong if you try to hunt squirrels sometimes. It’s because in terms of quantity it is still very much found in many regions, and in terms of weight, it is quite good. They can weigh three to seven ounces. Not bad. To find this animal, you must first understand its behavior. For example, in the morning. Squirrels love to go out of the nest in the morning. Apart from looking for food, it is also to warm their bodies. When it is near noon and the sun starts to shine brightly then usually their alert level will decrease and that’s where you have the chance to shoot them. You can also learn how to use a spotting scope to find them easily.

second, never hunt in broad daylight, the hot sun. Usually, in this situation, they like to live in a cage or a big tree without moving at all. Don’t also hunt squirrels when the wind is blowing hard because your shots will often miss… it’s tiring… this is due to copper or zinc bullets which only have light mass.

Hunt in the afternoon especially mixed with light rain. Wow, that’s a great opportunity. Squirrels are also very wet, especially in light rain. one thing to keep in mind that squirrel ears are as sensitive as their eyes. So if you have been seen/detected by him, you should stop for a moment. Otherwise, they will again and for sure you cannot chase them unless you bring a hunting dog. if you bring a dog then believe that your prey will not run away, he is in place. this is when you shoot him. The color of the hunting clothes was also very influential. Wear clothes that can camouflage your position. Also, aim for the squirrel’s head, don’t aim for the body. Why? If the head is shot, the chance of the squirrel to escape or die slowly will be prevented.

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