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You Can Do These Tips To Sew T-Shirt Fabrics At Home

When sewing a stretch shirt, hold the fabric and stretch it slightly by pulling the fabric opposite the direction of the stitch, pull the shirt towards the tailor’s back. This needs to be done so that the stitched T-shirt fabric can still stretch and not be too bound by thread stitching. So that if the fabric stretches when worn, the stitches also stretch and not break. Besides that, if you need a high-quality sewing kit, we suggest you to only buy the best sewing kit from a trusted store.

Next, adjust the tension of the yarn. This is usually done for sewing stretch fabric made from spandex with additional tension setting behind. Try to do an experiment first in patchwork, increase the tension of the thread a few digits then try adjusting it so that the results of the stitches of the thread on the top do not appear to be tenuous.

Adjust the pressure of the sewing machine shoes. Shoe sewing machines also affect the stitching quality of t-shirts. Therefore, adjust the pressure of the sewing machine shoes so as not to press too hard on the t-shirt, but also adjust the fabric flexibility.

Then, use quality yarn. This is to keep the thread from breaking easily. Quality threads have a more flexible level so they can adjust to the type of fabric sewn. Good yarn also has a flatter texture and not a lot of fibers so it is stronger.

Finally, the following tips are if the ballpoint needle is hard to find or the price is relatively expensive, try these tips. Although somewhat less effective and a little complicated, but this method is still often used. Use a common (universal) sewing needle to sew a t-shirt but by giving a paper base to the bottom of the t-shirt to be sewed. Place paper that is not too thick right in the area of the sewing path at the bottom of the fabric, so that later the base paper is also sewn. And after the stitches are finished, then remove the paper from the stitches by tearing slowly so as not to damage the texture of the stitches. To sew a t-shirt in this way generally use sewing needle number 14.

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