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What would the founder do to take advantage of King Kong’s quick expansion?

Suby: We’ll take advantage of the momentum to keep expanding quickly, take control of the digital marketing sector, and establish ourselves as the go-to growth agency for businesses looking to advance.

Due to our rapid growth, we are bringing in a lot of revenue, which enables us to not only hire the best personnel available but also train them to be of the highest caliber. To attract clients, we are also investing more money than our rivals do in advertising and digital marketing since we are confident in their efficacy. Read more real reviews about King Kong agency results on the internet.

– Any suggestions for emerging trends that SMEs might adopt?

Suby: Look, I operate completely differently from many other proprietors of agencies. I’m not interested in the newest shiny thing. Entrepreneurs may find it particularly enticing to grab hold of the next big shiny thing, but you need to concentrate on the fundamentals.

We engage in direct-response marketing, which draws on consumer psychology. Human psychology hasn’t changed; the same ideas that were effective 200 years ago are still effective now, if not even more so. We, therefore, consider the factors that underlie the aches, anxieties, hopes, and dreams of a client’s market before considering positioning sales techniques that meet those. We consider all digital platforms to be nothing more than a means of delivering those things. In terms of traffic, everything from SEO to Google AdWords to Instagram advertisements to Facebook is merely a matter of practicality for us.

The two adults in the room right now are without a doubt Facebook and Google. The majority of traffic comes from them. Facebook is extremely fascinating simply because it is a push media, meaning that it is being pushed in front of eyes just like current television, and there is no limit to the scale on that.

We also consider YouTube to be part of our area of expertise. We’re examining any major channels with the potential to compete with Facebook and Google’s duopoly by becoming a third player.

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