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What Is Video Marketing?

According to research conducted by the research agency HubSpot Research, 54% of consumers want to see videos of the brands they support compared to the form of e-mail newsletter content (46%) or images (41%). Hubspot also stated its findings that video content was the most memorable for the market (43%) compared to text (18%) and images (36%). In the meantime, if you’re looking for a very convenient marketing method, you may want to read Clickfunnels Review.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is a new marketing method in online marketing that uses Video media. Video Marketing is the best strategy for marketing your business/brand in this digital era. Why? Because if video marketing has been conceptualized and attracts the results, this video can display images and audio simultaneously which is easily absorbed by the audience, while turning the audience into your customer.

Types of Video Marketing

Demo video

This type of marketing video shows how your product/service works. In addition, you can also emphasize more value than your brand compared to your business competitors.

Video Event

This video marketing can contain recordings when your company is holding a seminar, product discussion, social action, or various other types of events.

Instructions / Education Videos

This instructional/educational video can be used to teach your customer or audience something new or possible to build the basic knowledge they need to better understand the business and solutions of your brand.

Video Branding

It’s the type which explains to your customers about the reasons why they need your products/services. Many video branding from well-known brands usually contain messages that show how their product can overcome one’s difficulties.

Case Studies and Customer Testimonials

Your potential customers certainly want to know whether your product can solve their specific problems, and one of the best ways to showcase this and build their trust is by making a case study video that shows your happy and loyal customers to your brand. Try to get your existing customers to appear in front of the camera and explain how your company helps them achieve their goals.

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