What Does a Florist Do? Today Flowers: An Inner Look

What Does a Florist Do? Today Flowers: An Inner Look

You know the delight and beauty that a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers can provide if you’ve ever received one. But have you ever wondered what goes into making such lovely arrangements? Thanks to Today Flowers, you can get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what a florist does.

The florist at Today Flowers is in charge of designing and putting together gorgeous bouquets and arrangements using fresh flowers. They begin by choosing the most incredible flowers and foliage available, ensuring that each bloom is new and of the highest caliber.

The florist will start designing the bouquet or arrangement once the customer has picked their flowers. They consider elements like color, texture, and shape to produce a lovely and harmonious collection that will showcase the distinctive beauty of each flower.

The florist will start arranging the flowers, meticulously positioning each stem in the ideal location to produce a beautiful and harmonious whole. They could employ specific techniques like wire or floral foam to help the flowers stay in place and keep their shape.

Once the arrangement is finished, the florist will add finishing touches, such as ribbons or decorative embellishments, to give the bouquet a polished and expert appearance. The smell will then be expertly wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a bow to prepare it for transport.

Yet the florist’s job doesn’t end there. They are crucial in maintaining the flowers’ beauty and freshness for as long as feasible. This may entail pruning the stems, altering the water, or adding exceptional plant food to keep the blossoms longer.

Every bouquet and arrangement our florists produce at Today Flowers reflects their pride in their profession. They deeply love flowers and are committed to making our clients’ most exquisite floral arrangements.

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