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What Do Your Ads for Geofencing Look Like?

Using GPS or RFID technology, a location-based marketing tactic known as geofencing draws imaginary lines around a particular geographic area. Once the boundaries have been established, businesses can send customers customized adverts. The question is, though, how does this geofencing advertising appear?

Depending on the platform or technology utilized, many sorts of advertising can be sent through geofencing. However, the following are some of the most typical ad types:

Push notifications are messages that appear on a customer’s smartphone and inform them of a deal or promotion from a nearby company. For instance, customers nearby a restaurant might receive a push notification from the business offering them an exceptional bargain on a meal.

Ads known as “in-app” appear inside mobile apps like games or social media platforms. For instance, a retailer might send an in-app advertisement with a discount offer to customers shopping in a nearby mall.

Directly transmitted text messages to a user’s phone are known as SMS messaging. An organization might, for instance, send an SMS message to customers close to its store to notify them of an impending discount.

A banner ad is one of the most typical sorts of advertisements you could see while inside the geofence. A graphic representing this advertisement might be found at the top or bottom of a mobile app or website. A logo, an image, and some text alert the user to an offer or a call to action typically make up a banner.

You can also notice video ads that use geofencing. A brief video advertisement of this type can be found on a mobile app or website. Typically, the video showcases a product or includes a happy consumer’s testimonials. Businesses who wish to promote their goods or services more interestingly should use this advertisement.

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