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Washing A Car, Whether Starting From The Legs Or The Body?

The order of washing cars is often confusing. Come on, see the following reviews so you don’t get confused anymore from auto detail los angeles. For the car to remain pleasing to the eye and comfortable to use, cleanliness is certainly one of the concerns, both from interior and exterior cleanliness best hand car wash near me.

However, sometimes some car owners are confused about where to start when washing their car, legs, or body? Even though it looks trivial, it can affect the result, both short and long term.

Several things must be considered when washing a car. First, the car must be washed regularly, about once a week. Then, washing the car should pay attention to the dirtiest spot first rather than the area that looks cleaner.

The dirtiest areas in a car are the legs. So, before cleaning the car body, it’s better to make sure the bottom of your car is clean first.After the legs such as the rims and under the fenders are clean, the next step is to wash the car body with a new container and foam.

The process of washing the body is from the roof to the windshield. Then, choose the parts that will be washed next, whether bonnet, door, or bumper.

Use a clay bar so that it can absorb dirt quickly
Clay bars are flexible objects like rubber that are box-shaped and function to lift residues that stick to the car body. However, the clay bar should not fall on the ground because there is a concern that sand or gravel will stick to it, which will scratch the car paint when used.

How to use it is quite easy. Remove the clay bar from the plastic, then you can cut it into pieces so that the size is not too big. After that, the clay form becomes flat.

Use the clay which is already flat on the dampened car body. Wipe evenly and preferably vertically. After rubbing it, the clay will turn black, brown, or gray according to the dirt it has absorbed.

If the body and legs have been rinsed with pressurized water, then immediately dry them with a chamois. Because if it is not dried, it will cause mineral or mold scale from the remaining rinse water.

Do polishing and waxing to make the car sleeker
The next step is to polish your car to remove the dull color attached to the body. However, polishing your car can make the paint thinner as it is eroded by the polish. So, don’t polish your car too often if you don’t need it.

Better to use wax to treat and provide protection to car paint. The method is very easy, namely by using a special sponge to smear the wax into the desired parts.

Then, rub the wax in a circular, vertical, or horizontal way as needed. Typically, at professional car salons, they will use a rotating machine to scrub the wax off.

But this is not absolute, you can also do it using soft materials. Also, use a microfiber cloth to clean the wax at the final stage.

You can also add a nano-ceramic coating to the waxed paint surface to protect the car paint from ultraviolet rays so that the car’s shiny color can last longer.

When #dirumahaja, you can do the steps of washing your car, polishing, and waxing yourself at home without having to go to a car salon. Good luck!

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