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Tips for Simplifying Your Website Design

Have you ever visited a website and confused about where to go next because the navigation buttons are less visible? It could be that this is because of the website design error. Creating a website design with web design services in london should not be arbitrary. One of the efforts to get your website visited by many people is to make the design as simple as possible. The simple user interface is easier for visitors to understand so that they can know where to go. To create a simple design, here are some things you can do.

When creating a website, surely you have goals and objectives, right? Make these goals clearly visible so they can be immediately understood when visitors arrive at your website. Make sure he can immediately know the type of website he visits, what field the website is in, and what he can do on your website. The position of the CTA placement must be clearly visible to your website visitors so that they are not confused.

Indeed, the colors look very attractive, but you shouldn’t apply this to your website. Don’t use more than four shades. If you play with color too much, this could indicate the inconsistency of your website in terms of design. If necessary, use a monotone color palette, so there are only one or two colors to create a harmonious user interface. This makes your website more visible and easy for visitors to remember.

Including user interface elements such as social media are necessary. But make sure when a visitor clicks on it, it takes them directly to your company profile, not just the main social media page. If this is the case, then the installation of these elements will be less effective. Likewise with banners in the form of slides. Don’t let this banner be just a display, but you should also include a link. So when the banner changes and the visitor feels interested in the information, he can immediately access the page in question by simply clicking on the banner.

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