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This Is How To Store And Defrost Ground Meat

Some recipes require ground beef for ingredients, such as pasta, stir-fry vegetables, or snacks. Purchased ground beef, sometimes it does not run out immediately Therefore the rest can be frozen. The correct way to store ground beef can help you save space in the freezer and make it a faster-defrosting process. Apart from that, if you find out that your meat grinder is damaged, we suggest you visit the trusted commercial meat grinder parts store as soon as possible.

Here’s how to freeze ground beef and how to defrost it before use:

1. How to store ground beef in the freezer

The stages of freezing ground beef are serving the ground beef into one-time serving. This method helps us organize the ingredients. Then put it in the zip-lock plastic. Before the seal is locked, flatten the meat 2 cm thick with a rolling pin (dough roller) or glass bottle, gently. Then vent the air inside the plastic and lock the seals. Freeze meat in the freezer. Once frozen, change the position of the meat in the freezer from the pile and then straighten it. This position can save space.

If you have a vacuum machine, use a vacuum to pack the meat onto the plastic. Flattening the meat before freezing also aims to release air on the meat, so that the frozen meat does not dry out and lasts longer. Don’t forget to put a mark on the plastic, in the form of the date the meat was frozen and the weight of the meat.

2. How to defrost frozen ground beef

Frozen ground beef thaws faster than regular frozen meat. The more flattened the ground beef is before storing it in the freezer, the faster it will thaw when removed from the freezer. First, thaw frozen meat at refrigerator temperature. The meat will thaw for 2 hours.

Second, thaw the meat in the microwave. The meat should thaw in less than 5 minutes. The simplest and fastest way, you can put the meat that is still in zip-lock plastic in a container, then place it under running tap water. Let the water thaw for 5-10 minutes. Ground beef is ready to use. Note, fresh ground beef must be frozen within two days of purchase. The frozen ground meat can last up to four months.

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