This Is How To Catch Tilapia Fish

This Is How To Catch Tilapia Fish

Tilapia is one of the most consumed fish because of its large amount. Moreover, tilapia has a high protein among other freshwater fish. Moreover, cultivation and processing are not difficult. No need to elongate, we will share with you some tips for tilapia fishing. Meanwhile, if you also love to catch catfish, we suggest you visit that site to buy some of the best catfish reels.

As with other types of fishing. What is needed so that the fishing hook is eaten by tilapia is bait? Bait for tilapia is not difficult. Because tilapia likes to grow plants, mosses can be used as a good bait to fish this fish. But there are also those who suggest adding moss with vinegar and salt so that the tilapia will quickly eat the bait. It also does not hurt to try.

To fish, you must also pay attention to the characteristics of the fish. Specifically, this tilapia usually makes nests in the form of holes in the mud. Usually, nests are made in sedimentation on the banks of the canyons. Then try to fish in the holes first because of the possibility of getting bigger.

For fishing, tilapia can use fishing lines with a size of 4-8lbs and a hook around 7-11lbs.

Although fishing for tilapia is a bit difficult, the equipment used is not as complicated as fishing for fish in the sea. Due to the size of the body of this tilapia that is not too large, the equipment used is enough fishing, hook, and bait. No need to fish rod because usually, the power possessed by tilapia is not so big. Unlike the big sea fish and strong power.

What if the tilapia who want to be lured do not want to eat moss bait that is provided can try other bait such as worms that are on rotting banana stems. In this way, it will be easier to catch tilapia. But what’s a little tricky is finding the worms that are on the rotting banana stems.

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