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These Tiles Are Suitable For The Area Around Swimming Pools

In order to anticipate that tiles around the pool are not slippery, anti-slip coatings can usually be added so that people who walk on it can walk without fear of slipping. However, there are also certain types of tiles or bases that are made specifically for the needs of outdoor areas, especially areas next to swimming pools which are usually wet and slippery. With special types of tiles, of course, the risk of slipping becomes smaller. If you’re looking for outdoor tiles that are not slippery, we recommend you check out stores that sell tiles portsmouth.

For that, let’s find out what types of tiles are suitable for use at the edge of a swimming pool:

Tiles from natural rock

Slate is classified as an ideal tile for use as a base around the swimming pool area. This stone was chosen because it is quite durable, waterproof, and strong because chemicals that are commonly added to swimming pools (chlorine) will not damage the layers of this stone. Due to the very natural surface texture of the stone, this further enhances its uniqueness, so that the swimming pool area becomes an outdoor area. Plus, this type of tile does not require any significant maintenance, it only may require occasional cleaning. Don’t forget, considering that these rock tiles are unable to absorb water or moisture, then place a mat on one side of the pool to wipe your wet feet.

Textured linoleum

Textured linoleum is also one type of tile that is suitable for the area around the pool because of its durability and strength, resistant to damp areas, and has a kind of appeal. However, this type of tile has disadvantages, that are not suitable for use in open areas. This tile is only suitable for use in the area around a closed swimming pool, with maintained air temperature conditions.


Cement tiles or pads are an alternative to the area around a swimming pool. This material is not only suitable as the base but at the same time as a border or the edge of a swimming pool. However, it is better to make the cement surface slightly textured. Slippery cement will make the area around the pool risky to cause slipping.

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