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These are the Three Tips for Maintaining Yourself When Working in a Microbiology Laboratory

A microbiology laboratory is indeed a dangerous place because there are many microorganisms that are there and it could be about humans who work there. That is why all those who work in the laboratory must equip themselves with various protective clothing and protective equipment so that they are not contaminated by various bacteria or microorganisms that are there. One of the microorganisms there is microbiologia. Usually, all bacteria or microorganisms there are used as samples for medical products or other products.

Working in a laboratory must be careful and you must also follow the applicable security standards. Because of the many dangers that are there can make you contaminated and harm yourself. There are several tips for working safely in a microbiology laboratory. Some of the tips referred to here are

1. Wash hands with disinfectant soap when entering the laboratory and do it again before leaving the laboratory
because there are lots of bacteria or microorganisms in the laboratory and you can stick to your hands. So, this method should be done as a precaution to keep you healthy and not contaminated with various bacteria or microorganisms in the laboratory. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly between your fingers and nails.

2. Not allowed to eat, drink, chew gum or smoke in the laboratory. Don’t put anything in your mouth like a pencil, pen, label or finger. Do not store food in areas where microorganisms are stored.
Because microorganisms are very small, you must be careful that these particles can stick to food or various tools in the laboratory. So, avoid inserting various tools into your mouth and don’t even bring food into the laboratory.

3. Use a lab coat or long-sleeved shirt that has closed buttons.
The clothes (Lab coat) must cover the arms and can be removed without pulling them over the head.

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