These Are Some Tips For Women To Avoid Sexual Harassment

These Are Some Tips For Women To Avoid Sexual Harassment

Cases of sexual harassment are still a common occurrence in public places, the perpetrators of sexual harassment today tend to be reckless to carry out their actions even in public places. You must know how to avoid this kind of crime effectively. Meanwhile, if you are wrongly accused after you became a victim of sexual harassment, we suggest you call the Gary Rohlwing criminal lawyer.

Then, how to avoid acts of sexual harassment? Here’s how:

Always look confident

The women must always appear confident, do not show the side of weakness to avoid being targeted by prey.

For example, first, in a public space, women must always appear and speak confidently. Because usually, the perpetrator will target if the victim looks dreamy and weak.

Give a gesture or ask for help

If we see signs of sexual violence on public transportation, for example, it is obligatory to separate and provide seats.

We see that there are men who are too close to women, if we know these are the characteristics of people who want to harass, we can immediately block them. Then give a symbol, if in the United States itself there is a symbol given when a woman experiences harassment, such as moving hands, fingers in a code so that the other woman gives up her seat or claims a seat.

For students, don’t meet outside campus or school

If you are a student. Then, when asked to meet with a lecturer or teacher outside the campus, it is better to do it in the lecturer’s room.

What we encourage on campus, if asked to meet a lecturer or teacher, is only done in the teacher’s or lecturer’s room, not in a place that is not within the reach of academic activities.

Women must have the courage to reprimand the perpetrator

If a woman is then faced with a sexual harassment situation, do not hesitate to reprimand the perpetrator.

Then if you get sexual violence, reprimand the perpetrator, if you don’t dare to reprimand whether you see or experience it, tell the officers that this person sexually harassed me.

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