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There Are 6 Functions Of Information Technology

Of course, the existence of information technology has an important function. The existence of information technology may have an important effect in life. There are at least six functions of information technology, namely Capture, Storage, Processing, Transmission, Retrieval, Generating. Meanwhile, you can go to if you need to hire an information technology expert.

The following is a description of the six functions of information technology, they are:


Capturing here can be interpreted as input, just like receiving input from various IT devices.

The function of Information Technology as Processing

With Processing, you will find it easier to process your files and data. Processing or processing the input data received to become information. Processing or processing of data can be in the form of conversion (converting data into other forms), analysis (condition analysis), the calculation (calculation), synthesis (combining) all forms of data and information. With this function, it will make it easier for users

Information Technology Function as Generating

The generating function is where technology acts as a tool for organizing information into a form that is more directed and easy to understand. Simple examples are charts and tables.

Information Technology Function as Storage

This functions for keeping data safely in a medium for later use. For example, saved to hard disk, tape, floppy disk, CD (compact disc), and so on.

Information Technology Function as Retrieval

It’s about retrieving, storing, and also tracing data. From time to time, users might find their data full, so it can be difficult to find a specific data. This functions help them finding their desired data quickly and easily.

Information Technology Function as Transmission

This information technology function sends data and information from a location to another via a computer network. As an example, sending a data about sales from one user to another. So that we don’t need to copy one by one just by sharing it.

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