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Theater Performances And What Happened After

I like watching the theater. Whenever there is a performance on campus, I try my best not to miss it. Even though they watch more often because they are interested in the poster or the issue of the performance. But, not infrequently, I watch just because I want to finish my curiosity, what is the role of the actors who plays for one-act stage plays or what happens after the performance? After a few observations, I noted the following.

First, the audience has a discussion, either with the director, the players, or fellow audience members. This discussion is sometimes carried out seriously by sitting in a circle and being guided by a moderator. On other occasions, yes, done non-casual. Just small talk.

The discussions, both serious and non-casual, discussed the performance that had just ended, both in terms of ideas and technicalities. It even came to a cooperation agreement for the next project or performance. Unfortunately, this discussion is the least common. Especially the performances on my campus. The staging incidentally is only a legal requirement for the fall of course obligations.
Second, the audience writes performance reviews.

The second thing is still a bit we find. It is rare for an audience to write down their opinion about a performance. If it’s a movie review, maybe it’s getting better day by day. But, not with theatre. Theater audiences usually only finish on a photo upload.

Third, the audience participates in the euphoria. I’m sure this part will never be missed in any performance. Sometimes there are even those who deliberately come just to participate in this euphoria. These people are not seriously watching. Just waiting for the performance to finish and be invited to go on stage.

Fourth, none other than the audience captures the moment. The fourth part that I have written at the end is related to the previous parts. During the performance, occasionally people would take pictures or if they were really serious they would take notes.

After that, these materials are used for discussion or writing a review. Even if it doesn’t come to these two things, the perpetuation of this moment is related to the third part. For people who have been waiting for the euphoria, it is impossible to miss the photo routine together.

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