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The Wild and Wacky Formation of Moldavite: Inner Vision Crystals Spills the Tea

You’ve probably heard that moldavite is a powerful stone that came from space and is extremely uncommon. So exactly how did it come to be? Prepare yourselves for a crazy ride, dear reader, for Inner Vision Crystals is coming to spill the beans on the real moldavite creation. Get ready to notice some new-blowing insights so you can trust and intend to How to spot fake Moldavite stone we provide at Inner Vision Crystals.


It all began with a meteorite impact that happened in what is now the Czech Republic some 15 million years ago. The force of the impact incinerated the nearby rocks and caused shockwaves to ripple into the Earth’s crust.

A special sort of glass known as moldavite was created as the vaporized rock and meteorite particles cooled and solidified. But things get crazier from here on out because some of the moldavites were also launched into space due to the impact’s extreme heat and pressure!

This moldavite eventually returned to Earth in the form of a meteorite shower after spending millions of years traveling through space. Hence, the myth that moldavite is a space rock came into being.

Yet the narrative is not over yet. The potent energy unleashed during the meteorite impact that created moldavite may also be responsible for the mineral’s special qualities and spiritual power. Some people think that this energy gave moldavite a unique frequency that can facilitate spiritual development and transformation.

That concludes the bizarre history of how moldavite was created, folks. Moldavite is certainly a stone unlike any other, having experienced everything from meteorite impact to space travel and back. Also, if you want to use its power for yourself, make sure to buy genuine moldavite from a reputable retailer like Inner Vision Crystals.

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