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The Use Of Smartphones In Doing Business Marketing

Digital marketing, which refers to online systems, has become an activity that many people are interested in applying to their business. The use of digital marketing or using the internet will only use an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. Of course, that is something most of us already have. With marketing with this digital system, it will certainly help those of us who are trying to open an online business, which is trying to compete with big business people or big companies. If we look globally, marketing with a digital system has become very successful marketing in this modern era, especially during the pandemic in the past few years, even now. You may have heard the word geofence. Where this is also one type of marketing that is quite efficient to use. Whether it is for those of you who run a business online or for those of you who are still with your physical store or running an offline business.

In this case, businesses can use geofencing marketing to reach their consumers more broadly. For example, you as a business owner can identify a certain city as a target consumer for your business. Then you can start by collecting data that is most likely relevant to the products from your business that will be marketed to them. When you have targeted the city and it turns out that many are relevant to your business. then you can use a short message service to reach all the people in the city who match your business.

Because some people do not like getting text messages that contain marketing and it is done continuously. It will make your potential customers uncomfortable. It is good if you do it not too every day. Because this will only make people not care about your business

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