The Safe Ways Of Using Public Toilets

The Safe Ways Of Using Public Toilets

Although the toilet seat will not make you have a venereal disease, it never hurts to keep protecting yourself from exposure to germs in the toilet. The trick is to clean the toilet seat with a tissue first before using it. However, you can also prepare a handy antibiotic spray that you may use to clean the seat of public toilets before you sit on the toilet. Nevertheless, make sure that the product that you’re going to use is safe for the skin, especially for the area around your butt and genital, so it won’t harm you in any way. Aside from that, consider hiring the best servicios generales whenever you need the finest crews for ensuring your toilet hygiene.

After you have finished urinating or large, clean and wipe the genitals dry to prevent germs from remaining in your genitals. Don’t forget to flush the toilet to rinse the germs that are still left in the toilet. This is necessary so the next person who uses the toilet won’t be annoyed by any leftover that you’ve left behind, and so they won’t do the same to the next person after them.

Your own immune system is the main defense against infectious diseases in public toilets. The most important thing is that you must wash your hands after the toilet.

Washing your hands is not just washing, rubbing, rinsing, and just drying it. Perform hand washing techniques properly and correctly for 20 to 30 seconds on all parts of the palms and fingers, including under the fingernails. Give gentle rubbing between your fingers to loosen and release germs that are lodged in the hand. After that, rinse thoroughly and dry with a tissue or hand dryer machine.

Not only that, use dry tissue when closing the tap and touching the toilet door handle when going out of the toilet. This is useful to prevent your hands from carrying germs when you return to your activities.

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