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The Effect Of Using Excessive Cosmetic Products On The Face

Wrinkles are lines or wrinkles that appear on the skin, especially on the face. This usually occurs in skin that has lost elasticity, which will diminish over time. The cause of wrinkled skin due to age is a natural factor. With increasing age, the production of fat and collagen in our bodies will decrease so that the luminous skin automatically disappears little by little. However, you should know that wrinkles can also be caused by hormonal changes in our bodies. The hormone estrogen in the body affects the production of collagen which maintains skin elasticity. If estrogen levels are disturbed, the skin will also be affected. sagging cheeks will also appear when there are wrinkles on your face. Click


Other things such as the use of cosmetic products, can make you beautiful but is also a major cause of wrinkles on the skin because cosmetics contain chemicals that can cause damage to facial skin. So, you better avoid makeup if you are not needed. To solve the problem of wrinkles on the face, you can do the following things, such as keeping our bodies hydrated. Although this sounds trivial, dry skin wrinkles more easily because the layers lack collagen. So, you can do this by drinking about 8 glasses of water a day to optimize collagen formation in your facial skin.

Besides, you can also eat tomatoes. The anti-oxidant compounds present in tomatoes are proven to be able to ward off free radicals so that skin cells do not accumulate so that facial skin does not wrinkle. Tomatoes can also be a natural sunscreen to minimize UV damage. How to use it is to finely grind the tomatoes into a pulp and then apply to the face. You let the mask on your face for 30 minutes after that, you rinse with clean water.

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