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Signs of Car Problems

Often fatal damage to the car because the owner does not immediately address the damage signs that usually appear. And one of the factors is the lack of understanding of car owners about this. For those of you who are one of those who does not know about the signs of car damage, you can read this article. On the other hand, you may also need to take a look at the extended warranty.

First, there are problems like the dirty parts, the voltage that runs out, and the loose parts. You can know this from the difficulty of turning on your car engine. In addition to batteries, car combustion chambers such as spark plug seals, and cylinders also play a role in one of these symptoms. Usually, because the piston ring and cylinder wear out. Of course, the factor that quickly deteriorates piston and cylinder rings is the use of your oil that is not in accordance with the specifications of the engine.

Second, your car that initially feels smooth – just smooth when driving becomes vibrating. Means you must be aware of the oil. It could be your car’s oil is leaking or the oil condition is bad and needs to be replaced. Apart from oil you also have to check the carburetor, spark plug (wear), and injector hose which is feared clogging.

Third, the damage to the shock breaker can be marked by the appearance of sounds such as collisions when you drive a car through a rocky or hollow road.

Fourth, it is difficult to shift the automatic transmission car in the lever section. There are several possibilities such as problem braking components and the connecting cables of the automatic transmission have experienced damage.

Fifth, the rate of your car is decreasing. This is very important for you. Because it can be the core of your car engine that has problems. For example, the cylinder and piston ring wear out, or the injector condition also affects the speed of your car’s speed. Usually accompanied by the life of the check engine lights. Whereas in manual type cars there are difficulties in the gear shifting process. This could be because the cotton clutch of your car starts to run out.

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