Several Types of Roof Frames You Need to Know

Several Types of Roof Frames You Need to Know

So, that the tile can be installed, there must be a roof truss. The existence of the roof frame house is very important because it sustains the topmost element of the house, the roof tiles.To build a house roof frame must be adjusted to the type of tile that will be used and of course the construction of the building itself so that the structure of the house from top to bottom can be solid and strong. Get the best roofing companies in grande prairie ab.

The roof frames or trusses are available in several types which are different from one another, namely wood roof truss, truss and concrete roof truss. Thus, each of the types of the roof frames needs different roof repairs if there is a damage happening to them. To know more about them, in the following section, then, they will be discussed in more details.

Wood Frame Roof

This type of roofs is the one that is widely used. Usually, the use of the wooden roof truss is to be paired with the clay tiles. A wooden roof truss has advantages such as resistance to rust, quite light weight, durable, if using the right wood, can adjust the design of the roof, and the workmanship is quite fast. However, this timber roof frame also has shortcomings, namely, the price is relatively expensive, given the price of wood now there are expensive. However, if the jelly chose wood it can be overcome. Another deficiency is this being flammable so that you should not withstand changes in temperature, potentially affected by termites.

Steel Frame Roof

Steel roof truss has the advantage of anti-termite, resistant to weather changes that are not easily shrinkage, easy maintenance. Because it is made of steel, then the price is relatively expensive and can rust. But you can work around this by giving an anti-rust coating quality.

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