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Screen Recording for Learning Materials with Loom

Do you want to record the screen display on an Android smartphone? Whether you want to save a video call conversation with a friend or create an Android video tutorial, screen recording is sometimes necessary. Taking Android screen screenshots is easy. In fact, smartphone vendors have now included this feature in their homemade OS interface. Some vendors have actually included the ability to record screens. Even so, still not all vendors include this feature. As for free screen recorder windows 10, you can get it on our website.

To do distance learning, actually we don’t have to use teleconference applications such as Zoom, Meet, WebEx, or others. We can record the material to be delivered using a screen recording application such as Loom. This means that we can play slides or whatever is on the screen while we talk and explain. Everything on the screen will be recorded including webcam video and audio (if you have this enabled). If you want to try this method, see the following tutorial.

Before using Loom, you can install both a desktop version and an add-on in Google Chrome. In fact, if you’re an iOS user, you can use Loom via your iPhone or iPad. Click here to download the application. For this tutorial, I will record using the second method, namely recording using an add-on in Google Chrome.

The steps are as follows.

Go to Google and enter the keyword “Loom for Chrome”
Click the search results link
Install the add-on (the add-on will appear in the top right of your Chrome).

Don’t forget, before using Loom you must first register. I suggest you use an educational email so you can get Loom Pro for free or for free. The results of the video recorded using Loom will look like below. You can record your face if you wish.

Well, with all the information we’ve provided above, surely now you’re ready to record your screen, right?

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