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Prevent Odor From Clogged Drains

Do you have problems with clogged drains in your bathroom? This will be very annoying because the water will stagnate and the pipes will emit an unpleasant odor. Usually, the cause of clogged drains is not due to one factor alone. But the accumulation of various dirt eventually settles and clogs the channel. Handling it may be a little inconvenient, especially without a help from best plumbers in San Diego so it’s better to prevent than to treat, isn’t it? Here are the causes of clogged drains in the bathroom and how to overcome them.

1. Hair and other fibrous materials such as thread and pet dander are often the cause of clogged drains. Hair caught in the pipe will clog and bind oil and soap so that it sticks to the drain. The fix: you can use a chemical cleaning liquid to destroy the oil and clog hair, but long-term use can have a bad effect on the pipes. To make an organic cleanser, you can use baking soda and vinegar. Prevention: use drain guards such as hair filters to prevent hair from entering deeper drains.

Over time, soap residue will settle on the pipe and cause the pipe diameter to decrease. Soap can also mix with other residues such as hair and dirt to create clogs. Solution: use a pressure cleaner to remove the soap scale. Prevention: use environmentally friendly soap with a little foam.

2. Dirt. Should not throw dirt directly into the drain, this will settle and cause the drain to become clogged. Remember, dirt such as dirt and mud from dirty sandals will clog the pipes along with soap and hair so that it will block the waterway. The solution: do regular cleaning using professional personnel to keep the entire bathroom drain clean. Prevention: rinse dirt and mud from sandals and shoes before entering the house.

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