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Parents Must Know These 7 Benefits Of Baby Massage

Baby massage has become a habit that is often done by parents for a long time. Usually, they take their babies to a special baby massageĀ  nearby therapist who has been trusted from generation to generation. This baby massage or massage is often done when the baby is fussy for no reason, where most parents think the baby’s body condition is uncomfortable. Now baby massage is packaged in a more modern way called a baby spa. This baby spa service is not only given babies massage, but also several other therapies full body massage. However, still, the essence of the service is baby massage. Aside from baby massage, if you are a pregnant lady, we can recommend you to get a pregnancy massage in massage gold coast.

Baby massage has 7 positive benefits for the baby’s condition, such as:

1. Blood circulation becomes smooth

With certain techniques or pressure, baby massage can improve blood circulation.

2. Increase Intelligence

Smooth circulatory circulation also affects the supply of oxygen in the blood that enters the brain. This allows the brain to get enough oxygen and nutrients from the blood. That way the brain can develop properly and can increase intelligence.

3. Better Baby Immunity

With a smooth circulation of blood and oxygen, one of the benefits that can be obtained for babies is to make the baby’s immunity better.

4. More Relax and Not Easily Fussy

Baby massage can also provide stimulation to the central nervous system. This makes the brain will produce serotonin, a substance that can make babies feel more relaxed and less irritable. Because psychologically the baby will feel calmer.

5. Sleep Better

When babies feel more relaxed, this also contributes to better sleep, and when sleep needs can be met, it makes the baby’s body healthier and fresher. And this is essential for its growth.

6. Increase Appetite

Babies who are massaged will experience increased levels of absorption enzymes and insulin so that the absorption of food essence is better. This makes the baby become hungry quickly or more appetite.

7. Babies Can Walk Faster

Babies who are often massaged make the motor and sensory nerves more aroused. So that it makes the baby’s muscle and bone strength better trained and can stimulate active movement, including learning to crawl or walk.

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