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Overcome Sinkage Problem With Underpinning

The decline that occurs in existing buildings creates a big problem for the owners of these buildings. Repairs can only be made if the reduction process has stopped. The use of pile foundations in deeper layers to increase the strength of an existing building becomes difficult to implement due to the limitations of the floor height. Soil sinkage that occurs causes the shallow foundation to lose its pedestal. The cause of the sinkage was due to the weight of the land in the pile around the building that the original land could not hold because the original land quality was not good. The subsidence makes the foundation shallow in a dependent state. As a result, the structure of the walls and plates above it was damaged. To overcome this problem, an effort to improve must be made, namely the underpinning method by the melbourne underpinning experts.

Where these results can function as a pile that can withstand the load of the walls, plates and foundations above it. In the calculation of the carrying capacity, laboratory data, data, and boring data can be used where the bearing capacity obtained is 16 tons compared to the load received by the pile of 8 tons. So it can be concluded that the bearing capacity of the foundation is strong withstand the loads received. To overcome this difficult problem, the use of preloading which is sometimes combined with several short pile foundations which may still be applied to a limited floor height is being studied. This study is focused on investigating the usefulness of this method by overloading several models in the laboratory.

The model of a building made of wooden planks supported by 4 (four) columns at the ends is placed on a layer of very soft clay. During the loading process, the reduction that occurs in the building model is recorded through the dial device attached to the building model. The results obtained indicate that the preloading method can be used to solve the problem of subsidence from an existing building. The use of short poles accelerates the process of stopping the sinkage from the building.

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