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Obesity in Children

Obese children are adorable, but this condition does not mean they cannot pose health risks, such as obesity. Childhood obesity is influenced by various factors. To find out whether your child is obese or not, you can use the BMI calculator. If your little one is obese, here are the symptoms, complications, and ways to deal with this overweight condition. Here’s the explanation.

Quoted from the Mayo Clinic, not all children who are overweight are called obese. The fat that accumulates in the child’s body becomes provision for the growth and development of the little one. Basically, being overweight occurs because the incoming calories are used less. For that, one way to overcome obesity in children is done by reducing calorie intake per day. However, reducing calories should not be done haphazardly. The reason is, children need foods high in nutrients to support their growth.

There are many reasons that children can be obese, namely:

Genetic factors
Bad habits (watching tv too often)

A study conducted for 30 years in the United Kingdom, shows that children who watch television every day can make their body mass index rise to the limit of obesity at the age of 30 years. Another study was conducted in New Zealand involving as many as 1000 children, who were studied from their birth to 26 years of age.

The child’s age is still in the process of growing, so food is important to support children’s nutrition. However, eating too much and not being balanced with physical activity is also not good for health. If the intake pattern cannot be balanced, the child will be obese. Quoting to the Mayo Clinic, obesity in children is a serious medical condition that affects the growth of children and adolescents. Obesity in childhood can cause various health problems that are usually only experienced by adults. For example, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels in children, and growth disorders or failure to thrive in children.

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