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Losses In Production Caused By Irregular Maintenance

Manufacturing companies that rely heavily on machines in producing their products, need to continue to maintain and even increase machine productivity to remain optimal in producing goods. To keep the engine performance optimal and in its best condition, many manufacturing companies prioritize the importance of quality maintenance from operator c used in maintaining the engine. Service and maintenance are the main things for manufacturing companies to maintain machine productivity to maintain product quality.

For machine maintenance efforts to be carried out optimally, here are losses that occur in the machine work process that can be avoided by carrying out scheduled and disciplined maintenance. The planned shutdown caused a loss of capacity due to unscheduled production, machines not being rested, and shift changes. Most manufacturing companies operate machines from Monday-Friday, Saturday, and Sunday when the machines are off. If a factory divides 3 shifts in operating its machines, then the third (last) shift can be used to carry out maintenance. An operator on site can be tasked with shutting down the machine. So implementing a regular machine break schedule like this can help companies avoid the loss of production capacity.

Downtime losses caused machine failures or breakdowns. If you don’t track downtime or don’t believe in numbers, try to focus on the big events. To begin with, document a significant event that caused the machine to be idle for two hours or more. Create a simple root cause analysis chart to track down the cause of the machine not working properly. Involve cross-functional teams such as maintenance and operations to find the root cause of the problem. High setup and changeover time required for product changeovers. To reduce these losses, you can empower employees to develop new methods to reduce the time of each change. For example, reducing the time required for a Clean in Place (CIP) cycle can result in the same cleaning but can reduce the overall changeover time.

The high time required to exchange the use of tools or spare parts. Tools such as SMED are the right solution to reduce these losses. Time to blame and off machines and processes. Everyone must follow the procedures imposed in using the machine. Involve teams in maintenance and operations to reduce the time required for each sequence of processes to go through.

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