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Living Room Carpet Design Inspirations That Make Auto-Cool Homes

Often people ignore decorations that use carpets in the house because of limited space. However, you don’t need to be confused anymore, because the dry wet carpet Sydney will recommend inspiring living room carpet designs that make auto-cool homes. If your family room is dominated by white, use a patterned carpet of the same color. This adds an elegant and warm impression. Make watching activities together while chatting more comfortable. The long white sofa emphasizes the luxurious impression of this family room best carpet cleaner machine Sydney.

For those of you who want to create a family room design with a classic concept, this floral motif rug is suitable for a simple room. The carpet color was adapted to the white room and the brown palette walls. Plus, the coffee table and patterned sofa add to the classic impression. The activity of choosing a carpet pattern and size for the living room or family room is true quite a headache. If you dare to experiment, just use a patterned carpet that has a large pattern. This patterned rug makes the room look more spacious. However, also pay attention to the size so that it gives a warm feel and does not look “full”.

You can imitate the inspiration for this family room carpet design. The decor is deceptively simple with a black sofa and a small coffee table that emphasizes the modern feel. Moreover, coupled with some bright complementary furniture. Interestingly, the carpet used is quite simple with a striped pattern that matches the color of the main sofa. Amidst a cold and stiff minimalist design, this arrangement manages to convey a warm and cozy impression. Even though the look of your living room design is vintage, you can still add a chevron-patterned rug. The zigzag motif can liven up the atmosphere amidst the dominance of palette colors and all-wood materials. The blue color of the carpet in this family room can balance out the vintage style of the whole room.

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