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Knowing About Color Gradations In Wood

If you want a classic and unique home look, then a house with a wooden wall design is the right choice. You need to know that wood has many different textures and colors. One of them is that there is a type of wood that is brown with different color gradations. Thus you can present several shades of brown from wood to create a unique appearance on your wooden house that is different from other wooden houses. Choosing from several color gradations will also give a mosaic look that can make people attracted by its uniqueness. Coupled with providing natural colors when you do woodstock painting on your home, this will make your house look attractive

However, of course, not everyone has the same opinion as you, some people own wooden houses without considering the color gradation and texture of the wood used. They are more considering the color paint that will be applied to their wooden house. For the problem of texture and color gradation of wood, they don’t think about it. They think more about the style of the concept taken for their wooden house such as using natural colors with a dark impression to balance the room or using white paint on wooden walls to make it look brighter and wider. You need to know that the paint is white, it gives off a warm and natural feel like a fresh country atmosphere.

In this case, you can use wooden planks with white paint that you produce from white painting on a thin layer of wood planks in order not to cover up the uniqueness of all the existing wood fibers. With a white pattern combined with wood strokes, it will look artistic, especially as a background for your photos. White color is good because it’s a bright color and it can reflect light throughout the room.

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