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Know More About Garry Tonon and BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or BJJ is a self-defense discipline that focuses on ground fights. This discipline was first popularized in Brazil and is a development of the kodokan judo martial art pioneered by Mitsuyo Maeda and the Gracie family. The Gracie clan even brought BJJ discipline to the international scene, among others, through Royce Gracie’s victory in the world-class mixed martial arts (MMA) event.

Who is Garry Tonon? He is one of the BJJ athletes that you must know. Currently, he is aiming for mixed martial arts glory and used his grappling skills to claim the ONE Featherweight World Title. Garry is widely recognized as the most attractive grappler in the whole world today. He is known for his striking style, in large part due to his loose, hard play for perfect positioning and deadly submission skills. If you want to know more about Who is Garry Tonon, you can simply visit our website.

A penchant for taking on extraordinarily tough challenges seems to be the hallmark of this New Jersey, USA athlete, and he brings that kind of undaunted forward attitude as he steps out of his comfort zone and into a new arena. It would have been easier for Tonon if he had been in his safe zone, but he didn’t want anything to stagnate. Instead, he pursued a new goal to achieve glory in mixed martial arts with ONE Championship.

Several professional MMA athletes who are members of ONE Championship also study BJJ as one of their basic disciplines. In BJJ, you can try as hard as you can, you can give 100 percent of the effort in sparring without hurting each other. This is different from kickboxing or MMA because if we put 100 per cent of effort into sparring then one of us is bound to get hurt. This is one of the beauties of BJJ. You can try as hard as you can without hurting anyone.

The basic values ​​of learning BJJ are indeed similar to other martial arts, namely discipline, mutual respect, endurance, motivation, learning defense, conditioning, strengthening the body, strengthening self-confidence. But only by studying BJJ, an athlete will also find humility.

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