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It’s About Leveling The Ground On Your Lawn

There are two ways to permanently level the land surface, cement, and block (cement and sand mixture ± 10 cm thick with various square formats). Different levels of expertise are required in the application of these two materials. Meanwhile, if you also have another lawn and you want to use a rake to level its soil, you can visit to learn more about it.

Installing blocks on the ground level

If you want to use a block and intend to install it yourself, I have a little experience with which to do this.

– Flatten the soil surface by loosening it with a ground fork or a hoe.
– Compact the soil by stomping.
– For further work, it is helpful to use a “rubber hammer” to compact the soil and level the position between the blocks.
– Spread the sieved sand over the ground so that the surface is relatively even.
– Place the block one by one on the surface covered with sand, create a ± ½ cm gap between each block.
– If there is a difference in height between the blocks due to the uneven sand surface, spread the new sand and level it.
– After the blocks are neatly arranged, spread the sifted sand on the surface of the block and sweep using a broomstick to fill in the gaps between the blocks so that their position is stable.

Lawn surface treatment routine

Installing the paranet and making the surface conditions where the pot is placed relatively flat will affect a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere when doing plant care activities. Cleaning the cement or block surface using a brush and a mixture of water + disinfectant every 3-4 months can prevent population development and the circulation of pests that often circulate on the surface of the lawn.

I tend to recommend using blocks instead of cement. Apart from the ease of installation and the relatively cheap price, water will absorb down the gaps between the blocks. This makes the land surface dry relatively quickly after watering or after rain.

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