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Investment is different from trading

Investment and trading. You must first distinguish the two meanings, as opposed to each other. Investment ie you sit still can be money (passive only), but the results obtained are usually less significant (lost by trading) and depend on the manager of your money. However, Investment can also be safe and for retirement later if choosing correctly and appropriately. In addition, investors can also increase Capital Gain or Capital Growth. Meanwhile, you can also check out IM Mastery Academy review if you want to learn more about trading.

Investments can also be combined with saving patterns, there are several types of savings and investments that are safe and commonly performed such as stocks, deposits, property, and others

Trading ie you must participate actively, but the results obtained can be very large or even loss. And for Trading is dependent on your own ability.

But be careful to fall into the form of Gambling that seems like Trading. The form of gambling classified trading is either BINARY or Spread Betting type, for example like the account form offered at, IQ Option, Hot option Olymptrade and the like. Read this link for more details on this binary gambling.

Regarding Trading, you are advised to place your funds in a trusted brokerage firm and have clear and secure regulations. (You can read the explanation on another page on our web that discusses the broker).


For Investment, we will discuss on this page, because people are often very blind about this investment, and eventually misappropriated and participated in some sort of Money Game, Arisan Berantai, Unclear Pre-IPO, Investment under the guise of Pulsa Sales, HYIP, Investment Tree Seeds, Penny Stocks, and the like that will ultimately be lost or carried away by its managers.

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) or Money Game and the like surely offer Dreams a quick way to get rich, whereas it’s all illogical and lying. Because if he himself (the manager) can be so, then he’s rich and why bother to sell or find other people’s funds again, and why he also did not borrow money in the bank … which he just need to give a return a small result to the bank .. (most max bank interest only 1% per month, even abroad bank interest below 1% per month.

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