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Infinity Pool Design: Lessons from Los Angeles Builders

Few luxury house amenities are as impressive as infinity pools. Well-designed infinity pools provide a spectacular aquatic respite and enhance the property’s beauty. Los Angeles Pool Builders are adept at designing these pools to maximize their visual impact, taking into account Southern California’s unique scenery and lifestyle. Our pool contractor supply experts share many design recommendations to help anyone build the perfect infinity pool.

When designing an infinity pool, consider the view first. Water extending into the horizon is a hallmark of infinity pools. Los Angeles builders prioritize placing the pool so the edge blends with a distant body of water, the sky, or other natural factors. This may involve putting the pool against the Los Angeles skyline or the Pacific Ocean. The seamless effect of infinity pools depends on location.

Another critical factor is the material choice. The pool’s rim materials help create continuity between the water and the surroundings. Los Angeles builders choose glass or dark stone for the spilling edge. These materials have a low reflecting index and improve pool-horizon visual continuity. Materials that match the natural surroundings or the home’s architecture are used for the pool basin and non-infinity edge regions to achieve a harmonious effect.

Infinity pool contractors in Los Angeles care about hydraulic systems and other technicalities. These systems regulate water flow over the infinity edge, requiring careful engineering to maintain an even flow despite pool level or user numbers. Advanced filtration technologies that keep the water pristine enhance the pool’s reflection.

Light is another crucial element that Los Angeles builders manage. Strategic lighting can highlight the infinity edge’s floating appearance at night. LED lights are used below and around the pool below the waterline to accentuate its shape and style. Tiny yet efficient lighting should enhance the pool’s design without overwhelming it.

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