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How to Clean Junk Files on Your Laptop to the Root

Junk files are residual files left by application programs that have been previously deleted, temporary, or files stored in the recycle bin. If the junk files are allowed to continue, they will accumulate and garbage files that are too large will actually make your PC’s performance slow. There are several ways that you can do to cleanup disk from junk files in Windows 10 of your PC.

The easiest step you can take to clean junk files in Windows 10 is to use the default software from Windows 10, the Disk CleanUp feature so you don’t need to install additional software.

1. Select the Windows menu

2. Then scroll down and look for the Windows Administrative Tools menu

3. Then select Disk Cleanup

4. On the next page you will see a list of files that Windows can clean. Select which storage disk you want to clean the junk files on and click the OK button

5. Allow the cleanup process to complete to calculate the amount of space that can be recovered

6. Then select any files you want to clean by ticking the boxes provided

7. After that click Ok to delete junk files and Delete Files to confirm that you want to delete files permanently

8. Done! Disk Cleanup will delete files and close them when done

For those of you who prefer to use additional applications on your device. You can also clean junk files in Windows 10 by installing the Disk Cleanup Tool Application.

This Disk Cleanup Tool application is one of the best PC cleaner applications for Windows that you can get for free. You can choose automatic and custom cleaning and it will run in background applications to make it easier for your laptop to do other work.

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