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How To Care For Carpet Properly

Carpets are one of the objects that are widely used at home as decorations to beautify the room. Not only improves aesthetics, but the carpet is also functional because it can be used as a base and floor protector. So you don’t have to worry when you come into contact with a cold floor and are protected from a hard floor if you accidentally fall and hit the floor. However, behind these advantages, carpets can cause allergies and various health problems, because the surface is easily dusty. So, carpets need to be cared for properly by using carpet cleaning service so they are durable and don’t make you sick.

One of the easiest ways to care for carpets at home is to regularly vacuum them using a vacuum cleaner, at least once a week. By vacuuming regularly, the carpet will always be clean and the quality is maintained. A vacuum cleaner needs to be used properly so that the carpet can be clean to the maximum. Use an empty, clean filter and dust tank, and vacuum the carpet surface several times to make sure most of the dust has been sucked out.

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can still clean your carpet of dust by hanging it outside and beating it with a mattress beater. For a perfectly clean, brush the surface of the carpet to help remove dust. Apart from hitting and brushing the surface, you can also pound the carpet to remove dust. This can help remove residual dust and should be done once a month. Carpets that have stains such as spilled drinks, candles, or pet urine are annoying. In addition to dirtying the carpet, the stains are often difficult to remove.

To avoid this risk, it is advised to immediately deal with the stains on the carpet. The reason is, that leaving the stain will make the stain dry and difficult to clean. So that the surface of the carpet is not damaged, press the stain with a clean cloth or tissue. For solid stains such as wax spills, use a knife to remove them. Then, clean the stained area with soap and water until the stain fades.

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