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Grilling Fish Is Sticky Most Of The Time

Who can resist the delicacy of grilled fish (also seafood)? The aroma is fragrant and the taste is also tasty. The problem is, fish that are burned using a grill is often sticky when cooked. When forced to be reversed or lifted, the soft flesh of the fish is destroyed. It’s because the protein in fish and iron molecules in the grill will coalesce at high temperatures which cause the roasted fish to become sticky. Apart from that, if your BBQ grill equipment has been damaged due to long time use, we recommend you call the trusted

To prevent stickiness when grilling fish, practice these 3 suggestions from the blogger and writer, Jacqueline Weiss:

1. Heat the appliance and oil before grilling

The grill appliance that has been preheated makes the grilling time decrease. That way, the fish meat is still moist (not dry). This method also makes the outside of the fish crispy and leaves a grill mark, which adds to the savory flavor while enhancing its appearance. Make sure before grilling, the appliance is clean. Use food tongs that are long enough to hold a paper towel that has been dipped in oil, then applied to the grilling pan. This method makes all the grill angles evenly exposed to oil.

2. Place the fish on the grill diagonally

Make sure the fish you want to roast is “dry”, and does not contain water from outside the fish. Apply oil evenly so that the fish can burn perfectly. Place the fish diagonally on the grill to make it easier to flip. Grill it for 2-4 minutes until the grilled brown skin appears before flipping it again. If it is difficult to be flipped, cook it a little longer until it can be flipped.

3. Don’t grill the fish too well

Grilled fish is delicious if cooked, but keep the fish from being overcooked. To find out the maturity of a grilled fish that fits you, just use a digital thermometer. Fish with thick and hard flesh, such as salmon, halibut, sea bass, and red snapper must be grilled at 125 degrees Celsius. However, white fish also needs to be grilled longer than the fish previously mentioned, at temperatures around 140 degrees Celsius.

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