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Green House With Synthetic Grass Decoration

This one decoration may have never crossed your mind. Now maybe it’s the time for you to dare to try decorations whose result can make the house look more beautiful and feel cool. Before planning to buy it, there are some things you need to know. First, price. Second, artificial grass decorations that can be applied to the interior of the house are those that resemble synthetic garden grass. Decorative synthetic turf is primarily aesthetically pleasing, with brighter colors and a decorative appearance. And third, it is important to know that artificial turf which contains carcinogens – generally used for futsal – has the potential to trigger cancer for a person.

Summarized some tips for choosing synthetic grass that is good and durable for space in the house, namely; Make sure the synthetic grass is not easily uprooted, if necessary, look at the back. Usually, good artificial turf has webbing at the back. It is even better if you choose synthetic grass that is equipped with a flame retardant coating for water resistance. Installation of decorative synthetic turf does not require professional personnel, so anyone can do it. This is because the application process does not require special equipment. It’s just that, you need a little care to make sure it looks neat and beautiful. Meanwhile, synthetic grass which is safe for health has the following characteristics;

1. The basic material is 100% pure plastic without going through a recycling process.
2. Prices are relatively more expensive and have obtained a license certificate that guarantees the safety and quality of the synthetic grass.
3. When seen and touched, it will feel different because of its soft texture, not stiff, flexible, durable, bright color, and not easy to fade, odorless, and easy to clean.

One more thing that is interesting about decorating a room with artificial turf is maintenance. You don’t have to bother cleaning it when the grass is seized with dust or other stains and dirt. Simply spray with water, then wipe with a clean cloth or small broom to remove the stain. Let it dry on its own, and the synthetic grass can look fresh and clean again.

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