Great Advantages of Having Digital Door Lock System

Great Advantages of Having Digital Door Lock System

Controlling access to a building is one of the basic security aspects. Automatic door systems are an integral part of basic infrastructure on any property. However, many customers are still unsure of choosing digital doors or analog doors because they have not yet realized the advantages and disadvantages of both. To install the right lock system for your home door, call the trusted Locksmith mornington.

The analog door system was indeed the first choice until a few years ago, but the inclusion of digital video and audio systems has revolutionized the market and customer demand. By choosing a digital door lock system, you have four big advantages that digital systems have over analog.

Audio and Video: One of the great advantages of digital door systems is that they are more resistant to interference. Some digital video door systems integrate with the field of view of the camera thanks to better devices.

Flexibility: The digital door system guarantees maximum privacy compared to analog doors. According to Fermax, when it comes to analog door systems, you can listen to your neighbor’s conversation with the handset when the doorbell rings. Digital cannot provide such convenience, so you have more privacy.

Easier Installation: Digital door systems consist of cables and fewer intermediate elements. “When dealing with installations, digital door systems also offer advantages over analog technology. In analog systems, it is important to use more cables for communication between residential and outdoor panels, while in digital systems, installation is simplified with only 2 cables without polarity. If we want to expand the call station to the top floor or penthouse, just need to bring two cables to a new point where communication is needed. This also means that for the end user the installation will be more economical. In addition, changes from the audio door to the video system or vice versa in housing are faster and simpler.

Long-term investment: The digital door system is ready for future improvisation. In short, digital door systems are the next step in analog solutions.

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