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Documents in a Job Application Letter

Basically, the more complete the attachment files of a job application letter are, the better it will be. Surely, there will be a lot of files that you can include in a job application letter either to apply online or offline. So, this time, in this article, it will be discussed some of the files that should be present in a job application letter. If you want to know more how to create a good application letter, especially for applying online, you can go to hr recruiter.

1. Cover Letter
Of course, the cover letter is the most important thing and put it on the front page itself. Cover letter is basically contain applicant intents and purposes, what positions in applying and selling value of what can be conveyed in order to support the position that in applying. Well – good job application letter is presented with a brief, concise and clear.

2. Resume
Curriculum vitae has to contain detailed personal information of the applicant, ranging from names, addresses, TTL, education history, employment history, and many more. How to make good curriculum vitae? You can search for information on the internet, there are a lot of curriculum vitae format that you can try.

3. Copy ID and Pas Photo
Photocopy of ID card is obligatory. As for the pas photo, you can attach two pieces if there is no particular requirement for the photo.

4. Copy of diploma
Preferably, a photocopy of a legalized diploma is important to show the credibility of your educational background. So, if you do not attach this file, the employer might be hard to believe about your education.

5. Certificate of Training Skills
Certificates of specific training courses supporting files the cover letter should also be present if you have special skills, especially if the skills related to the job position you are applying. The certificate of training in general is usually such as a computer certificate.

8. Health Certificate
You can get this health certificate from the doctor or preferably at the nearest health center. A health certificate contains information such as height and weight, blood type, blood pressure and so forth.

9. Certificate of Employment
For those of you who have working experiences, attaching the certificate of employment is mandatory. Therefore, it is recommended that you should have or could also ask for the certificate of employment at the company where you work when you are going to resign. The certificate of employment constitutes a formal proof that you have really worked in the specific institution or company.

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