Do You Know These Ways To Maintain Your Air Compressor?

Do You Know These Ways To Maintain Your Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a device that is used in the garage often. It’s also being used in various industries and businesses. However, due to its frequent usage, sometimes the owners might forget to maintain their air compressors well. Therefore, you need to know some ways to maintain your air compressors properly, so they can last longer when you use them in your business. Furthermore, you might also need to buy a more durable air compressor, even if its’ for your personal need in your garage so it lasts for a long time. You may visit to find some of the best air compressors for a garage that you can buy online.

Then, let’s back into the topic of air compressor maintenance. A quarter-inch air leak at 100 psi will cost you more than $ 2,500 per year. Pipe systems that are more than five years old can cause leaks of up to 25 percent. This is caused because it requires energy to produce compressed air, each air that feels a leak can result in wasted finances. About 80 percent of air leaks cannot be heard, therefore to minimize this problem, using a professional service to detect these leaks may be an obligation.

Then, check the water drainage. The condensate drain on the timer should be regularly matched to ensure it is open for its intended use or does not get stuck when opening. Better yet, replace the drainage timer with zero-loss drainage to stop wasted compressed air.

Finally, keep the air compressor clean. A dirty compressor is a compressor that can be damaged. Your air compressor should never experience a fuel leak. Do not allow dust to collect on the pump, motor, or the area around the coolant fins.

The build-up of dust will prevent proper ventilation and heat dissipation. Keeps your compressor clean, sterile, and properly closed so that it manages temperature properly and keeps it running smoothly.

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