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Do You Know How To Strip Cables Properly?

The activity of stripping cables is something that is often done when we are connecting cables with cables or cables with other devices, such as electrical outlets or switches. A good peel will result in a good connection, strong and not wasteful of cables. Some of us may just peel the cord using scissors, pliers, or a knife. However, if you don’t know the trick, the peeled results will look quite bad. Additionally, you might also need the best tool so you can strip cable easily and quickly. We recommend you check out some of the best wire strippers that you can buy.

Please note that this cable stripping technique can be applied to single or fiber-type cables, for example, NYM, NYY, or NYA. Here I explain how to strip the cable:

– First Put the cable on the table, then straighten it.
– Prepare a large Cutter knife, then place it perpendicularly on the cable in a longitudinal position.
– Press the knife lightly, but not too hard so that the knife tip does not penetrate the inside of the cable.
– After partially stuck the knife, pull the knife towards the end of the cable slowly.
– Remove the skin of the cable and cut it. The skin of the cord is now removed with the inside looking ready to use.

In addition to the use of a wire stripper, in the work of installing electrical installations, sometimes we need to use combination pliers.

This is how to use combination pliers to strip cables:

1. Prepare a Nym2x2.5mm size cable or use an NGA cable (single cable)

By preparing the cable to be connected, of course, it needs to be peeled first on the cross-sectional surface of the NYM-type cable so that it is easy to peel off the inner section containing copper

2. do the stripping of the white cable skin using a charter knife

By stripping the white cable skin using a charter knife, so that it is neat and fast, which only remains on the inside

3. do the stripping using a combination

By pressing the cable using a combination that does not need to be too strong to press it, just stick to the skin of the cable and press it using a jig

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