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Dirty AC Causes Leak

One of the most common reasons for leaking AC is because the back of the AC is dirty. If the air conditioner leaks because the gutter is dirty, then this requires major service action (overhaul). Where the indoor unit must be taken down, then all dismantled, and then cleaned one by one. You need to call englewood a/c service to fix this problem.

When the cooling process takes place, condensation will occur in the installation pipe section. Where it will emit dew or water spots. The dew will be absorbed by the sponge wrapping pipe. However, as the air conditioner is used the absorption capacity of the pipe wrap will also decrease. What happens, because it is no longer able to absorb water, it will cause condensation, then the water will drip onto the floor. For this particular case, you need to replace it with a new one. Then we bandage it using glue or duct tape until it’s tight, so that condensation doesn’t happen again.

There are two drain holes in the air conditioner, namely on the right and left sides. We can determine which drain hole will be used, according to the needs and the location where the air conditioner will be installed. For example, the right side of the drain hole that we will use, then the left side we have to close. If installing the right side of the indoor unit is higher than the left side, this will cause the drain to run smoothly.

So that the air conditioner does not leak due to an unequal indoor position, then use a water pass to make sure the indoor unit is installed correctly. To make the water flow more smoothly, make the side of the drain hole that is used a little lower. For example, the right side of the drain hole will be used, then the right side of the indoor air conditioner must be slightly lower than the left side.

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