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Creating a Safe, Comfortable, and Effective School

Creating a safe, comfortable, and disciplined school is very important so that students can achieve their best performance and teachers can show their best performance. To create good conditions, it is necessary to pay attention, care, and cooperation from all existing elements (stakeholders), starting from school leaders/principals, teachers, students, parents, school committees, and the surrounding community as educational supporters. All of these elements are responsible for creating a safe, comfortable, and effective atmosphere for the implementation of a good education. In this case, learning will be successful if the school atmosphere is safe, comfortable, and orderly.


Here’s how to create a safe, comfortable, and effective school based on

Improve the safety of the physical environment of the school
To improve school safety, efforts should be focused on the physical building of the school, its layout, and existing policies and procedures for carrying out daily activities and resolving any problems that may arise. School buildings, classrooms, lab rooms, offices, libraries, sports fields, and school grounds must be reviewed. In addition, various policies and procedures as well as school access must be reassessed. The use of technology to prevent people from entering, intruders from outside such as alarms, fences, trellises must be considered.

Improve student discipline
Disciplines according to the new paradigm are steps or efforts that teachers, principals, parents, and students need to follow to develop successful student behavior academically and socially. So discipline is considered a means of success for all teachers, and all students in a variety of situations.

Eliminate violence against weaker students in schools
Violence against weaker students (bullying) is a situation where one or more students continuously take action that causes other students to suffer. So that violence against weaker students does not occur, it is necessary to make school rules to protect student victims of violence.

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