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Choosing Dog’s Food

Dogs are omnivores and can eat meat, whole grains, and vegetables. However, you should look for foods that have meat listed on the ingredients list first, such as “chicken” or “beef” instead of “meat byproducts” or “processed meats.” If the word “chicken” is listed on the ingredient label, it means that the meat used comes primarily from muscle tissue, but can also include the diaphragm or liver (or other parts) of the chicken. To see Life Abundance dog food reviews, you can visit our website.

In the United States, ensure that food labels have an AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) statement. AAFCO membership is voluntary, but the association provides a blend for pet food formulation and production. The existence of this label on the packaging will provide a basis for assurance to consumers that the food meets the basic nutritional needs for the type of animal written on the packaging.

The list of ingredients on food packaging is sorted by the weight of the ingredients in the food formula. Ingredients that contain water, such as meat, will usually be listed first or at the top. In order to compare dry (10-12% humidity) and canned (75% water) food to really getting the percentage of protein your dog’s food contains, you need to consider the amount of moisture in the food. In order to calculate the “dry matter basis” of the amount of protein you feed in a can of dog food, you have to “dump” the water in the food by calculation. For example, if the food is said to contain 12% protein and the can is 75% water, divide 12% by 25% to get 48% protein. This number is quite high. (You use 25% as the denominator to represent the dry matter that remains after you remove 75% of the water from the food.) This step will help you compare dog foods even if they are made from different formulations.

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