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Car Owners Must Understand Features And Installations Of Dashcams

In addition to the automatic recording when the car is started and running, some dashcams are also equipped with a speed meter feature and GPS (global positioning system). So that via a laptop or smartphone that is connected to the Internet, car owners can find out and track where their vehicle is running when it is borrowed or leased. If you want to find such a dashcam that suits your needs, then we suggest you read some dashcam reviews first before you decide to buy one dashcam report.

Then, there is also a dashcam with a motion sensor feature. This feature is useful when the car is idle and the engine is off, or in a parked state. So, car owners can find out the condition of their car, such as when parking is hit by another car to theft. This is because the dashcam will automatically activate if there is movement from the car, no matter how small it is.

Installation of the dashcam is also easy. For the standard front-facing dashcam, the car owner only needs to install the mounting on the dashboard or the suction cup on the windshield as a holder for the camera to connect the power cable to the lighter socket as a power source.

To save the recordings, Dashcam also has built-in memory which can also be expanded in capacity by using high-speed microSD. When the memory is full, the camera will also re-record by deleting the old data. This feature is called a continuous loop.

At night or at low light, car owners don’t need to worry because the dashcam camera also has a night vision feature that uses infrared technology.

Ideally, if you want clear images, car owners can use a dashcam that can record videos with Full HD 1080P 60 FPS resolution with a shooting angle of 150 degrees. The bigger the angle, the wider the camera’s ability to capture objects around the car.

Although the shape tends to be small, almost as big as a pocket camera, this device has a very important use, namely recording events and road conditions while driving, so that it can be used as evidence by the driver.

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