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Bigfoot’s Yeti-Like Story, Find Out The Legend Of This Creature, Let’s!

Who has watched the Smallfoot movie? In the film, the yetis are amazed by humans. They call humans smallfoot because their footprints are small. Unlike the yeti who have large feet. In the film Smallfoot, the Yeti stay in hiding out of fear of humans. Meanwhile, humans who often hear the legend of the Yeti are also afraid of them. Are you curious about this creature? Want to know about all things and about how to draw bigfoot.

The Beginning of the Bigfoot Legend
Like the Yeti, many people claim to have seen Bigfoot’s footprints in the forest. The difference is, this legend started in the 1950s, friends. In 1958, journalist Andrew Genzoli responded to a reader’s letter sent to a magazine called the Humboldt Times. The reader is a lumberjack in northern California. He said that he found very large footprints.

At that time, Andrew Genzoli responded with jokes. He said that it is possible that in America there is a brother to the Yeti, a creature that lives in the Himalayas. This response has become famous everywhere.

People also call this “creature” that has large footprints with the name “Bigfoot”. From then on, the Bigfoot legend began. Until now, Bigfoot is described as having a large and thick body with dark hair.

Who Are Bigfoot and Yeti? If you look at their size, some researchers say that Yeti and Bigfoot are animals.

Some say it is likely the Yeti and Bigfoot were either polar bears or large grizzly bears. However, in 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin took a photo in a forest in California.

In the photo, you can see a tall, hairy creature. The creature looks like a primate, my friends. This photo is considered as evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, here. You see, so far both Bigfoot and Yeti’s footprints are similar to human feet. The legend about this big-legged creature also exists in Canada. In Canada, the Sts’ailes call it Sasq ‘ets or Sasquatch.

Do you think these creatures exist or not, my friends?

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