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Benefits of Propolis

The benefits of honey for health are already beyond doubt. However, did you know that honey is not the only product produced by bees? In fact, bees also produce a sap called propolis. Propolis is said to be efficacious as herbal medicine to overcome various health problems. If you want to get propolis, you can buy it on bee decorations website.

Propolis is a by-product in the form of sap produced by honey bees. When bees mix tree sap with natural substances from the body, the bees will produce a sticky greenish-brown substance to coat their hives. That sticky material is called propolis. Honey bees will collect sap from various plants to fill gaps and holes in their hives. This is done to protect the nest from external threats, such as microbes and predatory animals.

The content of the bee sap varies greatly depending on the location of the hive and the type of tree or flower that the bee sucks. That is why each research result will show different nutritional content, depending on where the bees come from.

Even so in general researchers have found at least 300 types of active compounds contained in this herb. Some of these resins, balms, aromatic oils, pollen, and other organic materials. Most of these compounds are contained in the form of polyphenols and flavonoids. Both polyphenols and flavonoid including antioxidants that can fight disease and damage to body cells.

Propolis is one herbal medicine that has been known for thousands of years ago and is believed to be good for the health of the body. Humans in ancient civilizations have used this herbal medicine to help heal and prevent various kinds of health problems and certain diseases. The Greeks used it to treat abscesses. The Assyrians applied this herb on wounds and tumors to fight infection and speed up the healing process. Egyptians used it for the process of embalming the mummy.

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