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Are Advocates and Lawyers Different or Same?

When you hear the term lawyer, maybe the first thing you think about is court. Usually, lawyers are needed to help those who are affected by legal issues. Not only lawyers, other terms such as lawyers and legal consultants are also often heard. This term is often known by ordinary people who do not understand the world of law. Then what’s the difference between an advocate and a lawyer, also a legal consultant? Most people do not understand these two phrases have two different meanings, but for both professions, they have a great profession and are only available in criminal defense lawyer.

For those of you who still think that advocates and lawyers are the same, you need to know that advocates and lawyers have different understandings and are governed by the law so that you are not careless in having these two professions when you have a case of scandal. Then how do you distinguish? The terms for justice defenders vary widely, ranging from lawyers, legal counsel, legal consultants, advocates, and others. Lawyers and advocates are both considered to be parties who provide legal hassles in court. However, the difference is the area where he can provide legal services. An advocate is someone who holds a license to provide legal services in court. Whereas a lawyer is someone who holds a license for practice or attends following a license for practice in his area granted by the local court.

If the lawyer intends to provide legal services outside the area of ​​his license to practice, then he must obtain permission in advance from the court of the place where he will proceed. Both of these terms have several differences, one of which is in their duties and responsibilities. Where a lawyer has to provide legal services in a court of law in the scope of the area following his license to practice law. Meanwhile, a legal consultant or legal advisor is a person who provides legal services in the form of consultation, within the legal system in force in their respective countries. Thus, legal consulting services are limited to providing consulting services and providing legal services outside the court.

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